Saturday, November 22, 2008

My how quickly things can change...

Thursday was a big day....Marleigh's class had their Thanksgiving feast. Can't you just see all of those little bitties all sitting at the table giving thanks eating their turkey and dressing? I wish I had been able to be there. We made sure we dressed for the occassion! It's so funny, she KNOWS when she is all slicked up and acts accordingly....

dare we say more like a little girly girl?

Thursday was also Mason's Thanksgiving feast at school. Since his school is the lab school for the University. They had their "Feast" at the cafeteria on campus. Have I said how much I LOVE that he is on campus? The kids were so cute! I just love seeing him with his little friends. He loves his teacher Mrs. Roberson. Karen (Roberson) and I were friends in college and she also knew Matt in High School. She often tells me that she sees "a lot of Mason's Daddy in Mason"...go figure! Does she know Matt or what? She gets a kick out of him. This is Mason and Mrs. Roberson.

So at noon on Thursday, I'm thinking "Wow, what a great day this is!" I was also looking forward to Friday. Since the local High School made the playoffs (we take our football serious in the South) Mason's school had the day off. So Mason and I were planning to go see the baby fox (that's not so much a baby anymore) he found back in the Spring in our back yard. The Zoo had adopted him as part of their educational division and they told us that we could come see him anytime. Mason couldn't wait to go see him! This is a pic of him the day Mason found him.

And then I got the phone call! Ms. Misty, Marleigh's "teacher" called and said that she had fever. By the time I got her to the doctor's office, it was 104. We gave her a tepid bath and did blood tests, flu tests, RSV test and a chest xray. We found out that she has Pnuemonia. We got a shot that afternoon and the following morning. Today, Saturday, she is doing much better. We are continuing antibiotics and breathing treatments but we feel that we really dodged a bullet. She's a tough little girl! Her big brother has been doing a great job entertaining her...after all...he has his own private audience!
Needless to say, the Zoo trip has been postponed...we hope to go next week! We'll post pics of "our" baby fox!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Is A Precious Gift...

Never before have I been so aware of being thankful for every day gifted to us by God. Cancer, that awful, painful, senseless monster has been waging war against families that i know.

A young mother of two precious little girls (8 and 3) lost her battle just weeks ago. I see her daughters, who carry her smile, almost like a badge of honor, and my heart breaks. The woman's mother, with the same smile, has become "mother" again. Her grief, it seems is hidden away for private times away from the girls. She appears to be the pillar of strength. I only hope that pillar has a brace of her own.

Yet another pillar, a classmate from High School, lost the love of her life. He too, is a classmate from High School. They only just began their lives together a short time ago. Her three children share her loss. This pillar lost her brace.

Both of these families are in my daily prayers and will remain in my prayers for many, many nights to come.

Below is a picture of my co-workers and I sporting the shirt sold to raise money for medical expenses for the young mother.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a great halloween filled with lots of sugar highs, sugar lows (aka meltdowns), and moderate costume malfunction. Our costume malfunctions were all "G" rated, I am glad to report!

Marleigh was our little lady bug and she thought she was something! She twirled and pranced around for all to see!

Mason was a black Ninja. Ugh...I'm so sad we've outgrown cute! This is a pic of he and his buddies Cooper (Spidey) and Davis (Batty)!

The Walsworths came over to watch the LSU/Alabama football game on Saturday. We had a repeat performance of the 3 super heros doing some down and dirty wrestling. (Substitute one "Batty" for a Blue Power Ranger)

The girls, Rubye Ann and Marleigh didn't see what all the fuss was about but they sure were loud! A good time was had by all! The following is one of the family photos we took last weekend for our Christmas Cards. My friend, Addie took over 500 pics! I can't wait to see them! I'll be posting more when we get them!