Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October is almost over? Are you sure?

I know this is said all to often but ....boy, time flies! It feels as though I was taking Mason to his first day of school just last week! With the falling leaves (okay so few are falling so far)...comes hunting season. Matt took Mason out on our land this weekend for the opening weekend of deer season. This is the first hunting season in our new house in the country and Matt is a proud poppa! Below is a pic of the Great Hunters...notice Marleigh in the foreground getting into the mix. She was less than pleased that she wasn't invited on the we stayed home and made cookies....teaching her early that chocolate chip cookies solve anything that ails you!

Little sister is a "ham!" She is like Mason in that "cheese" (and not the food) is one of her first words! She is saying so much. She is starting to repeat everything but her favorite one thus far is "NO!" She says it with some attitude too, I can assure you! We video-ed (? is that a word?) the kids this weekend and hopefully I will edit a clip and put it on here soon. They were dancing to some good 80's music! I hope to have some Halloween costume pics up soon as well. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't hate me because......I DON'T UPDATE MY BLOG!

This was a recent IM discussion with one of my closest friends, Sarah! Sarah, aka Chihuahau by her close friends can be a little FIESTY! We were discussing on IM that I wanted to carve pumpkins with Mason this weekend and she said "Take pictures!" I said, "I know, I know and put them on my blog!" The rest of the converstation went something like this...
Chihuahua: "Don't hate me because blah, blah, blah....I hate you because you won't update your blog!"
Me: "That is my new blog post!"
Taco Bell Dog: "Great Adventures my !!"
Me: "They are so great that I don't have time to BLOG about them!!!"
Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell: "You are not going to put this on your BLOG!"
Me: OH yes, I just wait!!
So, here it is....the next installment of Stacy Gilbert...blogging extraordinaire! But, just remember the disclaimer on the first entry.....I knew I would not keep this up on a daily basis. I'm working at a monthly basis so at least I am leaving myself open for improvement!
Okay, and now since I'm on a roll....and have another blogging moment!
Today Mason had a 50's day at school. Blue jean, white t-shirt...slicked hair. It was cute. I'm posting a small video....So there Chihuahua.....I'm posting video!!!!!! Who's the BLOGGING QUEEN now? Stay tuned for the pumpkin carving pics to come soon!